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Democracy Spring is a progressive movement organization committed to winning sweeping democracy reforms that would end the corruption of big money in politics and guarantee the right to vote for all. We take escalating nonviolent action within a common Grand Strategy to build active public support for our movement. Last April, we organized the largest American civil disobedience action of the 21st century, with over 1,300 people sitting-in on the steps of the US Capitol.

Democracy Spring is fighting hard to win, but we also believe in fun! We strive to create a familial atmosphere in our organization. We sing together and celebrate as a community. “One big? Family!” is one of our core chants. We are constantly learning and striving to better embody a relational culture and to support one another in collective self-care in the marathon of our beautiful struggle.

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    Field Director, National/Grassroots Democracy Spring – Posted by DemocracySpring
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    3 May 2017