3 Jan 2018

Full-Time Community Director

Future Laboratories LLC – Posted by Future LabsNew York, New York, United States

Job Description

Overview of Future Laboratories & The Future Project

Future Laboratories and The Future Project are two rapidly scaling organizations aiming to unleash the creativity, passion, and unbridled potential of people for the good of humanity.

Future Laboratories is a startup that aspires to become society’s R&D department. Just as Bell Labs came to life a century ago to pursue the technical moonshots of their times, Future Laboratories exists to pursue moonshots for humanity. We’re growing brilliant teams made up of pragmatic idealists across every imaginable discipline who aren’t afraid to envision a new future and bring it to life. But we don’t just dream big – we translate these new ideas into tangible projects with the structure and resources to actually come to life. Sometimes the outcome is a product, policy, or public campaign. Sometimes it’s a company, concept, or category not yet invented. Armed with our curiosity, our passion, and some incredible people, our ambition is to be the most effective and reliable team for changing the world for the better. (View our current explorations here.)

Future Laboratories grew out of The Future Project, one of the fastest-growing nonprofits in America, dedicated to unleashing the possibility and power of young people to change the world. The Future Project came together in partnership with some of the most visionary educators, leaders, and young people in America. Together we built an innovative service for schools by employing our unique method that combines the best scientifically supported techniques from across multiple research domains to build will and skill in students and transform school culture. To date, we’ve launched programs in 50 schools nationwide, impacting 30,000 young people and have built a diverse national community committed to the mission of youth empowerment in the process.

Our shared mission between FL and TFP is to make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, and while we will celebrate progress along the way, nothing less will suffice over the long run. Given advances in technology, more human willpower than ever before, and momentum around thinking anew about how to truly change the world—radical improvement is more possible than ever before.

Community Director

On January 1, 2018, Future Laboratories and The Future Project will be moving into new headquarters—a custom-designed studio for inventing projects that change the world—located on Union Square West. The Community Director will be responsible for bringing this space to life—not merely as an office, but as a vibrant hub buzzing with opportunities to create, innovate, and collaborate; and a home to our team, partners, supporters, students, alumni, and friends.

The Community Director will be the maestro of events and engagement at the office, responsible for programming that draws people in through our open doors and inspires them to learn, grow, and make the world a better place alongside our team. Creative, energetic, and a genuine “people-person” through and through, you are brimming with ideas for how we can utilize our space to build a community, and catalyze that community to passionately pursue the dream of a better world. Talks, workshops, and hackathons are just a few of the many possibilities that come to mind as you dream up what this space can become, and you’re comfortable taking on the logistical legwork necessary to make them happen.

You are also entrepreneurial in how you think about leveraging our space; you see the potential in every corner of our office, and know how to capitalize on some of this potential to bring in revenue. Subletting unused space and marketing our office as a venue for rent are just a few of the options you’re eager to consider in exploring how to build community in ways that benefit the Future organization.

Finally, when it comes to office management, you’re not only a big-picture thinker, but extremely process-oriented with a keen eye for detail. This means developing a deep understanding of the workflow habits, patterns, and practices of our team in order to build robust and adaptable systems that facilitate an optimized experience within our space. You can design and oversee efficient and effective systems for keeping the office clean, inventory stocked, IT running smoothly, and meeting rooms well-utilized. You’re adept at managing vendor relationships, and can engage just as effectively with internal stakeholders as you coordinate across teams to ensure everyone has what they need to do their best work. No detail or process point is too small to deserve your attention—in every aspect of your work, you are driven to nurture a workspace reflective of our core values.

There are several backgrounds that could serve you well in this role. Ideally, you have several years of experience working in a fast-paced and ever-evolving environment, like a startup or scaling company, and have held responsibilities related to operations, communications, and/or events management previously. Perhaps you have served as an office manager, events coordinator, campaign leader, or community builder in some way. Above all else, you are someone who believes in the mission of both Future Laboratories and The Future Project (TFP), and are excited to leverage our space and build a community in service of that mission.

As our Community Director, you will be accountable for…

    • Transforming our new office space into a vibrant hub buzzing with opportunities to create, innovate, and collaborate; and a home to our team, partners, supporters, students, alumni, and friends.
    • Programming for our team and our community, including both visioning and overseeing the execution of speaker events, workshops, training, hackathons, and other exciting events.
    • Forging partnerships with high-leverage individuals and institutions that can contribute to our event programming (e.g. speakers, trainers, etc.).
    • Identifying and executing ways to leverage our space to bring in revenue, including subletting unused space, marketing our office as a venue for rent, and more.
    • Designing and overseeing efficient and effective systems for running the office smoothly (e.g. keeping the office clean, inventory stocked, IT running smoothly, meeting rooms well-utilized, dishes washed, mail delivered, etc.).
    • Identifying and hiring various vendors, and managing relationships with those vendors.
    • Collaborating closely with our Creative, Community, and Operations teams, as well as with our Executive Office.
    • Serving as the face and primary point of contact for our office, both externally (e.g. in networking with potential partners) and internally (e.g. in responding to team feedback, questions, and requests pertaining to the office).

We’re looking for someone who…

      • Is a natural community organizer—whether advocating for an important cause or encouraging people to clean up the conference rooms after they use them, you are magnetic in your ability to mobilize people and spring them into action.
      • Is deeply team-spirited and embodies the culture of both Future Laboratories and The Future Project in everything you do.
      • Is entrepreneurial in generating and acting upon ideas to turn our office into both a thriving community hub and lucrative business.
      • Is brimming with creativity when it comes to event management—you don’t just host events, you create magical experiences.
      • Is comfortable and confident prospecting and securing high-leverage partnerships (e.g. with vendors, speakers, subletters, etc.) on behalf of both organizations.
      • Is adept at relationship management—you are comfortable being the face of our office and building relationships and partnerships that bring life to our space.
      • Is an effective manager of people and coordinator of stakeholders; you are capable of overseeing the tasks and the team that keep the office running smoothly.
      • Enjoys thinking about systems and optimizing for efficiency, and can not only build excellent, efficient, and easy systems for office management, but also ensure the team follows them.
      • Is deeply passionate about creating opportunities and an all-around better world for everyone, everywhere.
      • Experience supporting the logistics and operations of an office or team, particularly in a fast-paced environment or quickly scaling organization, is a plus.

    There are many backgrounds, industries, and life experiences that give rise to leaders who can manage effectively. Backgrounds in science, business, technology, engineering, government, media, and design – or hybrids thereof – may all yield the right experiences for this role.

    The Future Laboratories team is based in New York City, at our new HQ located on Union Square West (as of January 1, 2018).

    What To Expect

    Once we hear from you, we’ll be in touch to schedule some conversations. As we get to know each other and mutually choose to move forward, we’ll have you make something meaningful with us, and we’ll see how that feels.

    We look forward to having our Community Director in place by February 2018.

    Future Laboratories is committed to a policy of Equal Employment Opportunity and will not discriminate against an applicant or employee based on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, alienage or citizenship status, ancestry, nationality, national origin, marital or domestic partnership or civil union status, familial status, sex, pregnancy, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. In addition, Future Laboratories will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.

How to Apply

All applications should be submitted through our website here. Any applications received by any other means (e.g. e-mail) will not be considered.

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Job Types: Full-Time

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