15 May 2017

Full-Time Director of People Operations

Possible – Posted by possiblehealthNew York, New York, United States

NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Job Description

Possible is seeking an entrepreneurial Director of People Operations to lead the design and implementation of our HR strategy — including recruitment, performance management, and professional development — for our growing U.S. team.

Applications are being accepted on an immediate, rolling basis.

The Organization: Possible

Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that delivers high-quality, low-cost healthcare to the world’s poor. We are pioneering a new approach that brings together the best of private, public, and philanthropic models. Since 2008, Possible has treated over 400,000 patients in rural Nepal through government hospitals, clinics, community health workers, and a referral network.

Learn more about our culture and work in this feature from First Round Capital entitled “This Culture Deck Powers the World’s Toughest Work.”

The Opportunity: Are you the right fit?

The Director of People Operations should see himself/herself as the CEO of the U.S. People Operations team and as the primary external and internal evangelist of our For-Impact Culture Code and management system within the U.S. team.

The role requires you to be an entrepreneurial, courageous, data-driven evangelist for our non-traditional approach to People Operations. You don’t view your work as an HR executive confining and controlling team members, but instead as someone who is engineering our organization to unleash the maximum amount of human talent and potential, minimize “work about work”, and make Possible a “best place to work” in our sector. You are obsessed with learning, quickly testing ideas, scouring the globe for the latest innovations and best practices, and using data to transform People Operations approaches. You always approach your work through the lens of designing the organization for scale, realizing our for-impact culture, and challenging conventional HR thinking through iterating on global standards and best practices.

The role will cut across recruitment, learning and performance, and policy and administration. Hence, a comfort with being a generalist is required. It will be part “HR business partner”, part recruiter, and part standard-setter. Most of all, we’re looking for someone who reads our For-Impact Culture Code, feels deep resonance with that vision, and is excited to build the systems and training required to ensure our culture and management system actually improves as we scale.

Lastly, you’re a believer, not an employee. And you’re looking for an opportunity to use your time and energy to transform an early stage organization and impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

The role should be seen as a two-year “tour of duty”. After about 18 months in the role, we expect there to be substantial internal growth opportunities based on geographic expansion of the organization.

Management Structure:

Reports To: Chief Financial Officer (bio)

Direct Reports: None. Active consultant and thought-partner to Nepal-based Director of Performance & Growth (bio) on an as-needed basis.

Must-Have Characteristics:

  • Evangelist for Possible’s Culture: Our People Operations team are our primary ambassadors and advocates for Possible’s For-Impact Culture Code and management philosophy. They need to lead by example in their own conduct, hold others accountable when they fall short, and have an unshakeable commitment to the culture we building even in the face of resistance and doubt.
  • Diverse Generalist Experience in People Operations (PO): This role will be the only fully-dedicated PO role for our U.S. entity, which ranges from 10-15 FTEs. As a result, we’re looking for someone who embraces this generalist role and can handle diverse work in a small but widely distributed team in a fast-growth environment. We’re seeking a minimum of 5-7 years experience in a combination of at least 5 of these HR domains: organizational design, succession planning, performance management, recruitment, compensation and benefits, coaching, training, administration, and data analysis.
  • A Passion for Building Systems and Training Others: Designing, executing, and coaching others on smart systems and process design will be a core, recurring role. We are looking for someone who can iterate on a range of PO processes to generate constant learning and improvement. Experience in our particular PO systems (project management via Asana, HR data via BambooHR, HR admin via TriNet) is a plus but not required. Lastly, as the organization grows, this individual will be looked up to build a training vision and approach for the U.S. entity and support a Nepali counterpart in advancing a training vision for our Nepal-based entity. We’re looking for someone with the orientation of an educator and who derives value from seeing others learn and grow.
  • Humility: We’re doing something different with this role. Instead of a U.S.-based team member overseeing the entire PO function for the organization globally, we’re looking for someone to hone in on our U.S. entity only and provide thought partnership and consultation to our Nepal-based Director of Performance & Growth on an as-needed basis. This requires humility, as situations will arise where the most effective path in the Nepali context differs from experience and instincts in a different work culture.

Big 3 Responsibilities:

  1. Design, build, and develop the U.S. 501c3 team.
  2. Design and develop global systems of learning and performance.
  3. Structure and execute the U.S. 501c3 entity’s People Operations policy and administration.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Design and build the U.S. 501c3 team.

1a. Organizational Design

  • Develop vision bi-annually for optimizing organizational design of the U.S. entity;
  • Support 501c3 team leaders in projecting their staffing needs by exploring various staffing strategies, including full-time, part-time, and unpaid (e.g. internship or fellowship) hires versus existing employee growth;
  • Serve as point of contact and manage relationships with fellowship programs (like HEAL, Global Health Corps, etc.) to ensure fellowships are designed to advance organizational priorities and that Fellows are fully and successfully integrated into the Possible team;
  • Serve as point of contact and manage relationships with partner organizations like Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital that act as partial employers to 501c3 team members.

1b. Talent Acquisition

  • Build a talent acquisition strategy that leads to constant improvement of talent density over time;
  • Execute recruitment process for 501c3 roles by serving as the People Operations Recruiter and/or Hiring Lead, and conduct process in a way that is courteous, professional, and delightful to candidates;
  • Constantly cultivate a talent list by maintaining strong relationships with both active and passive candidates;
  • Effectively market our talent brand by building strong recruitment partnerships and pipelines;
  • Support colleagues to leverage their own networks and external-facing engagements and turn them into talent list-building opportunities.

1c. Organizational Culture

  • Design and implement strategies to enhance employee engagement and improve organizational culture across the 501c3.

2. Design and develop global systems of learning and performance.

2a. Process Design & Training

  • Iteratively improve processes for core PO functions like recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, performance management (what we call “Performance at Possible”), promotion, goal-setting (we use Objectives & Key Results), and 1:1 management meetings;
  • Design highly-automated trainings on core PO processes in order to produce a consistent and replicable knowledge platform;
  • Act as a thought partner and consultant to the Nepal-based Director of Performance & Growth to build a cohesive internal management training institute that is relevant across entities;
  • Act as a thought partner and consultant to the Nepal-based Director of Performance & Growth on an as-needed basis on processes and trainings for the Nepal entity.

2b. Process Execution

  • Lead and execute the bi-annual Performance at Possible performance review cycle for the U.S. entity;
  • Execute onboarding process for 501c3 roles;
  • Execute offboarding process for 501c3 roles;
  • Execute promotion process for 501c3 roles.

2c. Professional Development

  • Generate strategies to support 501c3 team members with internal and external professional development opportunities;
  • Constantly cultivate a database of high-value external professional development opportunities for 501c3 team members;
  • Serve as primary point of contact internally and externally for all professional development opportunities for 501c3 team members.

 3. Structure and execute the U.S. 501c3 entity’s People Operations policy and administration.

3a. Policy & Administration

  • Develop policies in line with Possible’s For-Impact Culture Code and identify strategies to implement those policies in the 501c3 context;
  • Serve as go-to “confidence person” for sensitive, confidential HR matters across the 501c3;
  • Lead annual compensation benchmarking to inform adjustments to compensation and benefits strategy;
  • Structure compensation and benefits packages for team members with support from the CFO and Hiring Leads;
  • Maintain an accurate employee database in BambooHR and TriNet through effective onboarding and status changes;
  • Serve as primary point of contact for coordination with Possible’s PEO, TriNet.

The above list of responsibilities is not comprehensive, and the DPO may be required to take on additional responsibilities, as determined by the CFO.

How to Apply

Application Process: Please apply directly on our website, here: https://possible.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=126 Click "Apply for this Job", follow the prompts, and supply all required information. Email talent@possiblehealth.org if you have any questions. What happens after submission? If we are interested, your submission will be responded to within 10 days. Please note that due to a large volume of applications, your application may not be responded to. If your application is advanced, we will ask immediately to set up an initial 20-minute phone interview to initiate the interview process.

Job Categories: Human Resources
Job Types: Full-Time

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