27 Mar 2018

Full-Time Environment Oregon Fellowship

Environment Oregon – Posted by jobs@workforprogress.orgPortland, Oregon, United States

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Environment Oregon is a statewide, grassroots environmental advocacy organization dedicated to protecting Oregon’s clean water, clean air, and open spaces.  We coordinate with sister organizations across the country to win critical environmental protections at the national level, and work here in Oregon to promote responsible environmental stewardship.  Combining independent research, grassroots mobilization, and tough-minded advocacy, our staff stand up to special interests to produce real results for Oregon’s environment.


Keep Plastic Out of the Pacific: For decades, people have been dumping millions of tons of plastic and other trash into the Pacific. Today, there’s so much plastic swirling around that the ocean’s currents have formed a toxic soup of plastic trash in an area called the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Oregonians use more than 1 billion single-use plastic bags each year — and too many of them end up polluting our ocean. The solution is simple: ban the bags! Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute our oceans for hundreds of years. Local bans have had an immediate impact and are a great start, but we won’t stop until plastic bags are banned statewide.

100% Renewable Energy: We all know that burning oil, gas, and coal has polluted our air, water, and land for decades – and now it’s changing the climate even faster than scientist feared it would. We know we can have healthier communities right now and a livable future for ourselves and generations to come. But to get there, we must transform the way we produce and consume energy. That’s got to start with a commitment to 100% clean, renewable energy. Environment Oregon is working on college campuses and communities across the state to build support for action at the campus, local and state level.



Build powerful coalitions: Reach out to small business owners, farmers, public health officials, union leaders and others to demonstrate support for our policy goals.

Earn traditional media and social media attention: Organize news conferences and write opinion pieces. Build a following on Facebook and Twitter for your campaigns.

Lobby elected officials: Coordinate strategy with a champion in Congress. Make a convincing case to a legislator who is undecided on a particular vote. Work the “inside game” to complement our outside field operation, where most of our power is derived.

Research and write reports: Catalogue and analyze sources of carbon pollution in the United States. Detail the success of the Clean Water Act in our reports. Help us to influence public debate and earn media attention for our cause.

Run a grassroots campaign office: Hire and manage a staff of 20 canvassers. Raise money, build our organization and membership, and help win one of our key campaigns.

Identify and cultivate donors: Reach out to foundations and major donors and ask them to fund our work to fight global warming, promote clean energy, and protect our most spectacular natural areas.


The target annual compensation for this position is $26,000 in the first year. Environment Oregon offers a competitive benefits package. We also offer an excellent training program and opportunities for advancement. Positions available starting immediately or in August 2018 in our Portland office.

TO LEARN MORE AND APPLY: https://jobs.environmentamerica.org/fellowship.html


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TO LEARN MORE AND APPLY: https://jobs.environmentamerica.org/fellowship.html  

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