26 Jul 2017

Freelance Looking for 1-2 helping hands for an organic and fair trade chocolate company!

Kopali Organics – Posted by Kopali JobsNew York, New York, United States

Job Description

Looking for 1-2 helping hands for an organic and fair trade chocolate company!

    Inward Facing Responsibilities include: taking inventory of physical product, physically preparing orders of chocolate (very small, light boxes), managing scheduling and emails, and completing organizational paperwork such as order tracking and invoicing, as well as whatever other help is needed. These require very strong responsibility, diligence, organization, attention to detail, initiative, self-directed planning, and problem-solving.

    Outward Facing Responsibilities include: delivering products to retail stores, speaking with owners/managers at retail stores, representing the Kopali brand and educating consumers on the positive social and environmental impact of the products, at special events and/or in stores. These responsibilities involve all of the above traits, and also highly effective in-person interpersonal communication. Ideally seeking an individual with demonstrated passion for food and beverage, branding, positive social/environmental impact, and/or startup environments.

    Potential Special Projects: once more familiar with Kopali, additional responsibilities could involve research, writing and usage of spreadsheets/accounting software, for sales, marketing, warehouse and distribution logistics, manufacturing planning, sourcing of packaging materials and ingredients, etc.

    This role will start with occasional hours: estimate 9-10 hours per week (which can be completed in either one or two days), for now only every 2-3 weeks.  Over the coming months, this should increase to 9-10 hours weekly. Scheduling for most responsibilities is very flexible per your schedule.  Must be comfortable taking subway around Manhattan, to Long Island City, and Brooklyn when needed.

    More about Kopali Chocolate:

    Perfectly pure, irresistibly rich and luscious dark chocolate, free of refined sugar, dairy and additives, crafted entirely at the point of-origin in Peru & Ecuador with small sustainable family farms. Kopali Chocolates are bite-sized “candy pieces” presented in small, stylish personalized bags.

    Dedicated to positive social and environmental impact, certified organic and fair trade, Kopali Chocolates are every bit as important as they are delicious. Motivated by a deep purpose and guided by a clear strategy, Kopali’s chocolate sweetness has already managed to reach, delight and inspire millions of fans while helping to support thousands of farmers who in turn care for ecosystems that support all life. Presented in eye-catching, appealing, impulse-buy candy packaging, the Kopali look and feel combines an upscale, contemporary, sophisticated brand, with authentic commitment and connection to pure food, farmers and land, artisan production, and indigenous cultures.

    Kopali has had some exciting and strong sales in the past, and the current lead investor/owner is excited to fund and expand the brand in the future with an even expanded supply chain of positive social and environmental impact. However, at the present time, Kopali will continue only limited sales, and will grow only slowly for the coming months. Candidate must be positive, enthusiastic and confident working in a self-directed manner directly with lead investor/owner.

    How to Apply

    Please send resume and cover letter to jobs@kopali.com.

    Job Categories: Customer Service
    Job Types: Freelance

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