6 Oct 2017

Full-Time Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff

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Job Description

Overview of Future Laboratories

Future is an R&D lab for society, dedicated to building a perfect world.

We believe there is no dream too audacious to make real: Self-improving communities. Governments with sky-high approval ratings. A world without poverty. Everyone on earth living fulfilled. Bringing each of these to life will take more than new inventions of all shapes and sizes, it will take a team of people willing to hold themselves accountable for making it happen.

We’re a well-capitalized start-up, searching across every discipline and demographic for the world’s most fearless dreamers, builders, and leaders to complete our founding team. People who are willing to pursue what some say is impossible, to push past the point where others would quit, and to dream at the scale of society itself. Most importantly, people who care about people – whether they’re on the other side of the globe, or the other side of the room – and believe that all of us have the power to shape tomorrow.

If we’re talking about you, then let us know.

The future is ours for the making.

Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff

As we work to establish Future Laboratories as a prolific engine for improving society, we need to build out teams and structures that support our leadership to do the creative visioning, design work, and strategizing necessary to start and scale a brand-new company. The Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff will provide critical capacity to the Office of the Co-Founders, and will be responsible for liaising between several organizational leaders, including the Chief of Staff, CEO, co-founders, and other key players on both the Future Laboratories and Future Project teams.

The Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff is a communicator, first and foremost — a clear and concise writer with a strong intuition for working with people. You are adept at managing vertically and horizontally, understanding how to effectively manage expectations and influence conversations, and are superb at managing your time, energy, and workflow to achieve results and thrive at work. You have proven experience managing several projects simultaneously as well as handling a consistently heavy workload, often largely composed of administrative work. You are motivated by the mission and vision of our team and can connect your work “behind the scenes” with the bigger picture. Above all else, you are someone who remains organized and composed in fast-paced environments, and who jumps at the opportunity to make an impact through your efforts.

In this role, you will be responsible for supporting the Chief of Staff in several capacities, including managing cross-team communications, performing various administrative and scheduling tasks, and managing special projects as they arise. You are likely to excel if you’re the type of person who is comfortable diving in headfirst to new projects; who has a creative outlook and is consistently looking for new opportunities for the organization; and who is comfortable wearing several different hats at once and working across various departments and seniority levels within the organization.

There are several backgrounds that could serve you well in this role. Ideally, you have several years of experience working in a fast-paced and ever-evolving environment, like a startup or scaling company. Most importantly, you are someone who believes in the mission of both Future Laboratories and The Future Project (TFP), and are excited to help facilitate our organizational ability to serve that mission.

As the Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, you will be accountable for…

Internal Communications and Executive Administrative Support (60% of time)

  • Providing administrative support to key members of the Office of the Co-Founders, including the Chief of Staff, President, and CEO;
  • Collaborating with the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO to support and align on co-founder scheduling priorities;
  • Preparing a “Briefing Book” to inform the CEO’s priorities and guide various company activities, to be presented to the CEO on a daily basis;
  • Liaising across teams to ensure that action items pertaining to and stemming from each Briefing Book are completed in a timely manner;
  • Attending high-priority organizational meetings (internal and external), capturing meeting minutes, and working in collaboration with the Chief of Staff to identify, prioritize and execute on resulting next steps;
  • Ensuring decisions or communications by the CEO are made widely accessible to the team and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Managing major internal knowledge management and communication systems, including internal shared drive, intranet, general communications external inbox, and more;
  • Supporting the TFP internal weekly broadcast (Magic Monday!);
  • Maintaining a pulse on the organization and proactively identify areas in need of attention by the Chief of Staff or CEO;
  • Connecting with national staff across 10 TFP cities to support strong cross-team communications;
  • Identifying opportunities for Executive Team members to continue to be actively engaged in the TFP cities — the communities we serve!

External Communications and Engagement (20% of time)

  • Identifying key external opportunities to support raising the visibility of Future Labs, TFP, and/or Executive Leadership across the social impact sector and other related/relevant networks;
  • Collaborating with the Marketing and Community Teams to ensure key initiatives are on-brand across TFP and Future Laboratories Ghost-writing correspondence for the Chief of Staff and other organizational leadership, as needed.

Special Projects (20% of time)

  • Conducting research across work streams (organizational development, fundraising, growth and scale, etc.) to inform key organizational structures with best practices or provide strong evidence-based recommendations for executive decisions;
  • Providing support to high-priority initiatives as an owner, collaborator/contributor, or reviewer (potential projects may include: development of a Student Leadership Board; launching the new One Future Office; launching the new Future brand; undertaking various employee engagement initiatives; etc.);
  • Maintaining a high level of confidentiality and detail orientation to support the completion of each special project with fidelity.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • Demonstrates an unfailing sense of team spirit, and is eager to offer behind-the-scenes and “in the weeds” support to better capacitate organizational leaders to do their jobs;
  • Is nimble, adaptive, and comfortable navigating ambiguity and juggling shifting priorities;
  • Is a strong and clear communicator, both verbally and in writing, and who is adept at distilling complex information into crisp, concise takeaways;
  • Has a strong intuition for working with people, and can manage horizontally and upwards in a tactical fashion;
  • Is comfortable having difficult conversations and informing the high-level deliberations and discussions of executives;
  • Is mature, professional, and discreet in their handling of sensitive business information and confidential matters;
  • Is customer-service-oriented, courteous, and highly responsive in serving as a point of contact for and representation of organizational leadership, both internally and externally;
  • Is impeccably well-organized, highly detail-oriented, and who gets a real sense of satisfaction from producing polished work and managing smooth and orderly processes;
  • Is deeply passionate about creating opportunities and an all-around better world for everyone, everywhere.
There are many backgrounds, industries, and life experiences that give rise to organizational architects and wise systems-thinkers who can build new things – and we’re not attached to any one of them. Science, business, technology, engineering, journalism, art, design and many other domains may yield the right experiences for this role.

What To Expect

Once you’re on our radar, we’ll have a few conversations. If those go well, we’ll have you make something meaningful with us, and we’ll see how that feels. Our hope is that we find our Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff to join our New York City office by October 31st, but the sooner, the better!

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